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Peter F. Hamilton’s A Second Chance At Eden, is a collection of short stories which provides glimpses of his trilogy “The Night’s Dawn” and provides a history of the confederation which leads to the time of Joshua Calvert and Quinn Dexter, the protagonists of The Night’s Dawn Trilogy. It is composed of seven stories and the main story

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After the Greg Mandel novels, Hamilton wrote a space opera in three volumes, known collectively as The Night's Dawn Trilogy. The three books are each well over a thousand pages long and are not standalone novels, totalling 1.2 million words. The trilogy is set in a universe with a wealth of worlds and artificial orbiting colonies. Peter F. Hamilton is an English novelist of science fiction (and in particular, space operas). His series include the Night’s Dawn and Commonwealth series. His novels often have multiple main characters whose paths only cross later on in the story. His themes include sexually active teenagers, politics, religion and armed conflict. Sep 19, 2018 · If you’ve never read him, the works of Peter F. Hamilton can be a little daunting. Since the 1980s, he has made a name for himself as a writer of dense, expansive science fiction novels that explore their worlds to the fullest extent, however many pages it takes (in fact, the page counts are closer to what you’d generally find in epic fantasy rather than space opera). Peter F. Hamilton was born in Rutland in 1960 and still lives nearby. He began writing in 1987, and sold his first short story to Fear magazine in 1988. He has written many bestselling novels, including the Greg Mandel series, the Night's Dawn trilogy, the Commonwealth Peter F. Hamilton July 1 at 9:42 AM · A heads up for UK readers, if you haven't read Pandora's Star and fancy giving it a go, the kindle is on offer for July. Sep 04, 2018 · Peter F. Hamilton is the author of numerous novels, including A Night Without Stars, The Abyss Beyond Dreams, Great North Road, The Evolutionary Void, The Temporal Void, The Dreaming Void, Judas Unchained, Pandora’s Star, Misspent Youth, Fallen Dragon, and the acclaimed epic Night’s Dawn trilogy: The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, and The Naked God. He lives with his family in England.