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But due to Windows Phone limitations ,folders have to be added again if the app is re-launched. Required: • Wi-Fi network/phone's own hotspot so that your phone can be in a network. Clients don’t need to have Wi-Fi they can be connected to the same LAN even via Ethernet (PCs). In-app purchases: There are two in-app purchase options available. Share Internet Connection via WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth and Learn: Windows 7 Lan Internet Connection and Sharing with PC Desktops. Share Internet Connection 1. Via Portable WiFi hotspot. To connect to multiple users to use at the same time, use your mobile as a WiFi hotspot and connect upto 8 devices. 1. Go to Settings. 2. Top 6 Software to Share Files Between Two Computers Using WiFi Nearby Sharing. Nearby Sharing works similarly to Airdrop between two Windows 10 computers … How to share your WiFi Connection with a VPN (Any OS with

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Recent versions of Samsung devices (at least to my knowledge) are equipped with a rather unique feature called "WiFi Profile share" or just Wi-Fi Sharing.My little understanding of this feature suggest that, a WiFi connection is "shared over WiFi" unlike traditional hotspot feature which shares mobile data (3g, 4g etc.)I would like to know how this idea of rebroadcasting a WiFi connection works.

Nov 11, 2013

Share internet connection via Wi-Fi hotspot - Software RT On Android phones, you can share internet connection from mobile to laptop or other devices with WiFi hotspot, bluetooth tethering or USB tethering. For instance, you can refer to this tutorial to share internet on Samsung mobile via Bluetooth , follow the steps to share mobile data on Xiaomi phone via Bluetooth , or following guide to share WiFi Internet Sharing, Wireless Internet Sharing