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Early Bird Registration Expires July 29 for HMA Conference, October 26-27 in Chicago July 16, 2020 Be sure to register soon for HMA’s conference on What’s Next … Pokegama HMA | Bureau of Land Management The HMA lies primarily in Oregon but does include portions in California, north of the Klamath River. Size: 80,885 acres. Topography/Vegetation: Elevation ranges from 2500 feet at Copco Lake (California) to 5209 feet at Parker Mountain (Oregon). Terrain consists of open meadows, with an abundance of private and federal timberlands. Oregon Office of Emergency Management : Hazard Mitigation The Mitigation and Recovery Services (MARS) Department of the Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) employs one full-time State Hazard Mitigation Officer (SHMO), a planner, and several accounting personnel to administer the HMA grant programs at the State level. List of Bureau of Land Management Herd Management Areas Oregon Three to five herds are gathered each year, Oregon is home to the Kiger Mustang: 17 HMAs, 2 USFS territories 2,978,571 acres (1,205,385 ha) 3,785 56 3,841 2,715 Utah Two HMAs are also managed for burros. Numbers within each HMA vary from 35 to over 400. 20 HMAs, 2 USFS territories 2,451,227 acres (991,976 ha) 5,440 400

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FEMA Regional Contacts | Dec 17, 2019 BLM plans to sterilize 100 wild mares at Oregon HMA