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Four things you should know about LastPass | Computerworld I use LastPass to synchronize my password database between the different devices I use - home PC, Mac Mini, MacBook, iPad, etc. I could store all of my data locally, but LastPass allows me to Where is my LastPass Vault data stored locally on my computer? Firefox – Go to ~/.lastpass/ Opera – Go to ~/.opera/Opera Software/Opera Stable/Cache; Android data storage. Default – Go to /data/data/com.lastpass.lpandroid/ Using a Memory Card – Go to /sdcard/lastpass/ Related. What other data does LastPass handle? How do I export my LastPass Vault data? Where is my LastPass Enterprise Vault Data

In this forum topic, Joe Siegrist says that LastPass always store the most updated local copy of our encrypted data. I wonder if that data is stored at a single file and where . So I could make backup copies of it and maybe even access it through LastPass Pocket .

Apr 11, 2016 Review: LastPass takes your passwords to the cloud | Macworld Naturally, LastPass’s primary function is that of helping you remember passwords, which it does pretty well, even offering a convenient feature that helps you generate secure passwords that can

LastPass is a password management service that stores all your passwords in one secure vault, which you protect with a single master passphrase. It is a browser extension and mobile app that works across operating systems and device types. LastPass can also autofill forms, store private notes, and keep your bank and credit card information secure.

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