Jan 16, 2011

Lewterslounge: Setting Up a Free 100 Slot Ventrilo Server! Aug 14, 2009 Install Ventrilo Server on Ubuntu 12.04 - Ulyssesonline Aug 27, 2012

Say, I have been paying for a Ventrilo server for several years. Off and on, a small group of my friends will use it for various game related tasks, but, I'm paying for 35 concurrent connections, and I at it's busiest, I doubt it sees more than 6 or 7. So, with that, and until it becomes un-manageable, I offer the use of the server to the community. I have set some rooms - a 'Lobby' Called

May 10, 2008

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HowTo: Set up your own ventrilo server *Plus porting and Feb 23, 2009 How to Setup a Ventrilo Server - EzineArticles On the ventrilo setup menu click the vent server menu option which will open a window application that the server will run in. All output will occur through this console window since the server doesn't have a GUI interface. Click Start, go to VentSrv, and then go to Edit INI file if any changes are necessary to the Ventrilo server's configuration.