Ceo Sertori is one of the main character of H2O: Just Add Water. Cleo is a mermaid with the power of hydrokinesis and Aerokinesis, the daughter of Bev and Don Sertori and older sister of Kim Sertori. She was portrayed by the starring cast member Phoebe Tonkin. Cleo was born to Bev and Don Sertori and later she had a younger sister Kim. She never learned how to swim and was affraid of the water

Cleo is Geppetto's pet goldfish in Disney's 1940 animated film, Pinocchio. Cleo is always seen in her fishbowl, often reacting or responding to a situation through silent smiles and water twirls. She appears to be very affectionate, specifically toward Geppetto and Figaro (who seems to hold a mild dislike toward her). When asked by Geppetto whether or not the name "Pinocchio" sounds any good Aug 04, 2017 · Funny Moments with Cleo & Lewis - H2O: Just Add Water - Duration: 5:41. H2O - just add water 253,928 views. 5:41. H2O - just add water S2 E18 - The Heat is On (full episode) - Duration: 24:50. Cleo and Emma meet new girl, Rikki, and find themselves stuck on Mako Island where they are transformed into mermaids. As well as growing tails, the girls find they have powers over water. CLEO plugins are dynamic libraries having the .CLEO extension. At startup, the CLEO library scans the CLEO folder for the files with that extension and tries to load them. If successful, the plugins begin to work and do what they were made for. CLEO 4 allows to make new opcodes using sources of the CLEO SDK.


Oct 26, 2007 · Hocus Pocus is the 5th episode in Season 2 of H2O: Just Add Water. Cleo is upset due to her parents' divorce. Later at school, Lewis shows the girls a book about the mermaid myth. Emma and Rikki leave because the bell rings. Cleo reads the book and sees there are ways to make the wishes come true. Later on at the JuiceNet Café, Cleo shows Emma and Rikki there the ways to make the wishes come

Feb 17, 2012 · Pictures of the real life couples from the cast of H2O: Just Add Water.

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