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My Asus laptop's WiFi doesn't work - February 2016 2016-2-15 my laptop suddenly stopped working and its not starting My laptop madel is hp pavillion g6-2016tx. It suddenly stopped working while I am watching a movie. Its is also not showing any response on using power button is it dead. plsplspls!!! need suggestions. Laptop not connecting to my wifi | Tom's Guide Forum 2018-1-21 WIFI not working after I have formatted Solved - Windows 7

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Wirless internet connection not working on My Dell laptop 2009-12-14 · The problem is that you own a Dell. Jokes aside, check your [wireless] router settings/user-manual, make sure your laptop is wi-fi enabled (if not, use the the wireless card/adapter [hopefully] provided with the router) and finally make sure that any software that the router needs installed is reinstalled or at least present on your computer.

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Wifi and bluetooth not working together - HP Support Hi, I have been using this laptop since 2015. I have a very different and unfortunate issue. My laptop's wifi and bluetooth does not work properly together. I have purchased a bluetooth mouse, logitech m557. If I keep it connected with my laptop bluetooth, the wifi doesn't work, if I disconnect it, the wifi works but I lost the mouse connectivity.