I live in the US but I used to live in France, Spotify won't let me change my country so I'll be able to listen to music, without making me pay! I shouldn't have to pay, I don't need to upgrade cause I'm "traveling" I just need them to get that I live in the US just like my IP address shows, and tha

How To Remove Spotify Ads Without Premium | Douglas Open Spotify and log in with your credentials. Click Edit in the top-hand menu and then press Preferences…. #2. Set the Proxy to HTTPS and enter these details as your host and port: Host: Port: 80 Make sure your settings look like mine: Now, play your favorite music without ads interrupting! Comment back if this works for you How to Download Music from Spotify without Premium Jun 16, 2020 Spotify says about 2 mln users suppressing ads without paying Mar 23, 2018

While I agree with you that paying is much better, I have been paying for Spotify Premium for many years now; I also pay for a Family Apple Music plan. So if there’s down time to this Spotify hack, I won’t really be missing out on any music; frankly, I have been using Apple Music a lot more than Spotify lately, even though I think Spotify

Spotify update will let users listen to music on demand Apr 24, 2018 How to Get Spotify Premium Features on Android Without

Nov 08, 2016

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