Apr 11, 2020 · It depends on the router’s logging settings. Routers don’t keep history like your browser does but it can log session data which can show the local IP address of the computer or other device on the network and the IP address of the server it acces

CLEAR® Internet | CLEAR® Wireless | CLEAR® Mobile | CLEAR CLEAR is fast-as-you-want Internet at home. CLEAR is take-it-with-you Internet when you’re on the go. CLEAR is a 4G hot spot spanning your coverage area! The all new Clear modem with Wi-Fi includes a built-in wireless router, so you can access 4G speeds at home. No spending extra money on a router, no extra wires and no installation appointments. Simply plug in the Clear modem with Wi-Fi and start … Speed up your internet connection by resetting your router Just to be be clear: resetting your router is different from restarting your router. A router reset will allow you to set it from scratch where it will work at optimal levels. Do this when you feel

May 11, 2020 · Resetting your router is one of the first things you should try if your internet goes down. Restarting your router will reset your connection settings, interrupt malicious attacks on your network

This Is How Often You Should Reboot Router Settings Sep 17, 2019 Clear Stick Atlas offers true plug-and-play mobile Internet This feature actually was first available in Clear's latest mobile hot spot, the Clear Spot Voyager, when it's used as a modem instead of as a router. According to Clear, the new USB modem

Clear has discontinued the sale of our internet service. However, Sprint offers a wide selection of products for mobile hotspots and data cards. Sprint offers unlimited data plans for phones and competitively-priced data plans of various sizes for mobile broadband cards, laptops, tablets and other devices.

How to Access Your Router If You Forget the Password