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Example using Web Services with SQL Server Integration Jul 09, 2014 Solved: Web Services problem - Server connection error Unfortunately, the problem with connecting to the printer website URL for embedded web server persists. I think this is the key issue as I am not able to access all of the printer's settings on the server to change them as you have advised.

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Coordinate web service applications across multiple time zones. Managing Time Zones with Web Services: Avoid data loss that can be caused by out-of-date proxies. Preserving Data When Working with a Statically Generated Proxy: Implement policies to make your web services …

Jul 09, 2014

No problems at Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services Outage map Amazon Web Services offers a series of services for online applications. The best known services are the online storage service Amazon S3 and the remote compute or cloud computing platform EC2. Amazon Web Services are developed and operated by, the online retailer. Guidelines for Resolving Web Services Permissions Problems Troubleshooting errors calling a Web service: If errors occur when calling a Web service, check the Application log, or message event and service instance tracking through the BizTalk Server Administration Group Hub page. Troubleshooting Web Services - BizTalk Server | Microsoft Docs This topic provides some steps that you can follow to troubleshoot Web services, as well as some common Web services problems and how to resolve those problems. Use.NET Framework tracing to capture and log errors in a Web service The.NET Framework System.Diagnostics.Trace class can be used to capture and write errors to a text file.