On-demand scans do not have a time-out and take as long as needed to fully scan any target files, except for the following: ENS and ENSM have a built-in, non-configurable timeout of 45 seconds. ENSL has a built-in, configurable timeout with a default of 45 seconds.

Nov 29, 2010 · I don't have McShitti myself. I have used it. It's not that good. But i will tell you this Unless it's your first scan it shouldn't take that long. Your first scan shouldn't take no more than 5 hrs. After that no more than 30 min to a hr. If it is taking longer than a hr after that first scan then you need to do some cleaning up on your machine. How long does it take to install McAfee Security Scan Plus and run a scan? If you need to download it, the app is a small download (around 1 MB). It takes less than a minute to download and install on a broadband (cable, DSL) connection. ozier September 20, 2015 at 11:28:52. Specs: Windows 7, 2.0GB. I set McAfee to automatic scan once a week. It takes about 4-hours to complete. Lately, it has been going into 'Pause' and my screensaver comes on. I have to do a user re-sign-in. Sometimes, it will start back on its on. With previous technology, McAfee would scan every file, every time - unless scans are customized. On a PC loaded with a lot of files, this could lead to a significantly long scan time, and depending upon your PC power, some perceivable lag. TS100297, TS101037. On systems with limited resources, an On-Demand scan seems to run very slowly. This option allows you to perform other tasks while scanning your computer. Subsequent scans will run faster.. Turn off the Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources option: Open your McAfee product.

McAfee carries out full scan every week but can take days

FAQ for Full Scan of Your Computer for Concealed Computer Virus. Why do I need to Full Virus Scan my computers? When your computer is infected by computer virus, very often the virus will incubate in your computer waiting for chance to further infect other computers through file sharing via email, removable devices, etc. causing virus breakout and severe damage to many more computers. Dec 16, 2017 · McAfee will scan all the storage during the Full Scan including Time machine/Capsule, External Hard drives. I would suggest you to turn off Time machine, Remove all external storage and check the scan time. You can split the scan by initiate a Full scan without any external storage and Time Machine. The 2011 version can exclude thise in the custom and scheduled scan features once you scan them the 1st time. Also if you auto upgraded from 2010 to 2011 version the auto update might have been corrupted so maybe consider an uninstallation and reinstall from your account.

A new list of options will fill the right side of the McAfee Total Protection window. Step 4. Click “Scan your PC.” When the new “Scan your PC” section of the program window loads, click “Run a full scan.” McAfee Total Protection will now begin to scan all of the files and folders on your computer for viruses.

Since last week, when running a full scan, only 53,000 files are shown as scanned; previously it was around 250,000. I have contacted BT, but nobody seems to know anything about Virus Protect. I was even told BT's security was obtained from Apple and I should contact them! Does anybody know why t